Monday, February 16, 2009

A time for tears

Well, if I thought I was an emotional person before my cancer, I am a walking ball of estrogen now. I feel like I experience such a huge range of emotions from minute to minute. I haven't really cried in public all that much, so I was extremely surprised at my last crying jag. Seth and I headed to Indianapolis for a wedding of a friend of mine from college. After a few glasses of wine, and several recounts of my cancer journey later, I found myself in the women's bathroom, crying on the shoulder of two of my old roommates. I'm going to blame this huge explosion of emotions on 2 things.

1. I saw my friend Jessi, whose Mom died of cancer while we were still in college. I wouldn't say that I was there for her as much as I should of been at that time, but we lived together, and I saw what she went through. She is such an inspirational person, and when we get together, we can pick up like we were never apart. She is the only person I know that is as emotional as me! Forget about it!

2. I've known these women since I was 18! They watched me go through some really bad times (as far as college goes) and it was sort of unbelievable to me that I was explaining my cancer diagnosis. I think talking about it out loud to them, not via email, made the whole thing unbelievably real.

So, I want to throw an apology out into the world for crying in the bathroom at a wedding. That said, I think I needed it. So thanks to the girls who listened, once again. And I'm going to take you up on that surrogate offer, even if was just the wine talking. ;)

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