Saturday, March 21, 2009

Does not compute! (robot voice)

I am currently attending the University of Cancer and Seth is my lab partner. I had a total of 12 hours of doctor's appointments this week and I am experiencing information overload. The appointments were as follows: Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Fertility Oncology, Stress Counseling and my personal favorite, Nutrition Counseling. I accumulated enough paper over the past week to make a great redwood blush. Lucking my OCD took over this morning, and I organized my paper collection in a neat little collapsible binder, and color coded each category accordingly. (that's illiteration!) That made me feel a little better.

Here is the play-by-play of our week. You can skip to the bottom of each section if you just want to know my treatment schedule.

Tuesday: Radiation Oncology with Dr. Hayes. My guess is that he was quite the ladies man in his prime. He was awesome and his sidekick, Dr. Donnelly, was great too. I will have to 7 weeks of radiation, 5 days a week, two weeks after I complete my chemotherapy regimen. Piece of cake. I might even get a little suntan in the process. Did you know your skin can't decipher between radiation and sunshine? Weird, I know.

Wednesday: Medical Oncology with Dr. Senorita Tellez. She was so sweet and compassionate and so pretty. I have switched my girl crush from Dr. Lucas to Dr. Tellez. She gave me the total rundown of my pathology report and explained my chemo treatment. She told me I would lose my hair sometime between the 1st and 2nd round, and I politely asked if there were any cases of people that didn't lose their hair? She sadly shook her head. I had to ask! That said, I will do 8 rounds of chemotherapy, every two weeks for 4 months. I should begin around the middle or end of April. Happy Birthday, me! :)

Thursday: Fertility appointment with Dr. Kazer and Dr. Lawson. I'll spare you all the details, but you might want to be really, really nice to me the next four weeks. I may turn into Medusa the Gorgon or Ursula the Sea witch. Believe me, you don't want to tussle with those two ladies! Because of the fertility treatments, I can't begin chemotherapy for about a month.

Friday: I met with Nutritionist Karen Radon and Counselor Carol Dredgenberg. This was by far the best day. Carol reminded me of a younger version of my Grandma, so that was awesome. She measured some energy points to locate the strongest and weakest points of my body. Then I was transferred to the nutritionist who went over her suggested diet plan before, during and after chemotherapy, first to build my body up, then to combat some of the side effects. The gist of the diet is lots of fruits and vegetables, no soy, small amounts of dairy, daily protein shakes, seeds and nuts, and lots of fish. I am actually really excited to give my body so much love and attention. I hope I come out looking like She-Ra from Masters of the Universe.

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful cards, phone calls, emails, chocolate, and oranges. I honestly had no idea how lucky I was before this all happened. I have the most amazing friends and family behind me. I hope you all know how much you mean to Seth and me.

Go Boilers!