Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have to gush about my husband. He is seriously the most amazing person in the entire world and I want to shout it from the rooftops! No matter what the news, good or bad, he just smiles and tells me that everything is going to be just fine. When I asked him if he was mad/scared/disappointed that we have to go through this so early in our marriage, he said "This is why we got married, honey." Oh, and did I mention that he is constantly making me laugh? He knows just what to say or what face to make to crack me up in an instant. I think that without him, I'd be curled in a ball under the covers or at a bar drinking away my sorrows. The last option wouldn't be that bad...

So all that said, he out did himself last night. He made a Root Vegetable Gratin that tasted like heaven! He busted out his favorite kitchen toy, the mandolin, and went to town. I'm newly vegetarian, and even though he cringes every time I say the word "vegetarian", he made me a delicious meat free meal, that was ready when I got home from a long night of yoga. My life isn't so hard after all. Oh and by the way, it looked just like the picture.

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  1. okay, seriously I thought seth broke out an guitar-like instrument while he was cooking until I read about the recipe.