Saturday, February 21, 2009

Decisions, decisions

Ever since inauguration day (the day I was diagnosed), I have been painfully aware of how "adult" disease can be. Never did I think at 29 I hear words like chemotherapy, egg harvest, malignant, and cancer. As a new adult (wink, wink) I've also discovered the power of choice. There are so many options available to us in our daily life that we take for granted. We can wake up in the morning, and make the choice to focus on the fact that it's cold and snowy, or we can make the choice to focus on the fact that the snow is absolutely beautiful when it drifts. These choices are much more serious when it comes to health care, and I'm facing some really difficult decisions. Did you know that people actually refuse chemotherapy? I just assumed if the doctor told you that you need it, you need it. I've been reading survivor stories about people who take a holistic approach to cancer and refuse to poison their bodies with chemotherapy. That option is much scarier to me that actually going through chemotherapy, but I know now that I have the choice.

I found this company in California that believes that the fourth element in cancer treatment after surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, is emotional oncology. I've been actively participating in this form of treatment by using visualization and meditation techniques. It's all VERY touchy feely, hippy dippie, but I absolutely love it. There is so much positive energy out there in the universe, why not grab some of it myself, right? So, to sum it all up, I choose to see snow, not cold, and beauty, not darkness. That's my choice. Stay warm.

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  1. What a perfect attitude!!!! Sending lots of love your way for this difficult week.

    love ya! Ours