Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hasta La Vista... hair

So it begins. Nothing like getting ready for bed, pulling your hair back out of your face, and getting a handful of it in return. Ah, the joys of modern medicine. Somewhere between my first chemo session and now, I have tricked myself into believing that the whole hair loss thing wasn't going to happen to me. While using the diffuser on my bouncy, carefree curls I'd think, "These suckers and not going anywhere. They feel so strong!" Well, I was wrong, but I'm not watching it fall out strand by strand, ala Terms of Endearment. I am headed straight to the hair cuttery on this fine Wednesday morning in April (What is with this weather,by the way?) to get it cut, and I mean short. I'm going to attach a picture for your viewing please. Please keep in mind that I'm using Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks as my model, so I'm bound to look way, way more smokin'!
Before I say goodbye to my hair for a few months, I'd like to share some of my favorite hair moments, a greatest hits list, if you will.

-My blond days... I was playing a movie star and Jason, my director, thought it would be more realistic as a brunette trying to be a blond. It worked. It looked awesome. Don't get me wrong, I would have had to give plasma twice a week to keep it up, but it was fun while it lasted.
-I am so method. I was playing an Indian/Italian/Jewish woman with long, long dark hair, so we decided to have extensions put in. Well, as most of us know, storefront theatre doesn't have thousands of dollars to spend on the hair budget, so I ended up in Wrigleyville with a Spanish woman with a Mohawk. We could only afford to put a few in so it sort of looked like a glorified mullet. I will do anything for my art.
-The many perms in junior high school. No wonder Chad Rucinski wouldn't go to the dance with me. I wouldn't go to the dance with me.
-The hot rollers in high school for the dance team. We kept Aqua Net in business.
-French braids, side french braids, half french braids, backward french braids. My Mother now has arthritis in her hands.
-My new awesome haircut by the talented Patrick. I'll miss you the most, dear hair cut. I've finally found you and I know I'm going to lose you. We will meet again, my friend.

Ok, enough dramatics. I'm going to do it. I am brave. I'm not scared that I'll look like G.I. Jane. I secretly hope I will look like Natalie Portman and I think Seth does too. Here we go!


  1. I can't wait to see how you'll look...even though we all know you'll look stunning!

  2. You are going to look as beautiful as ever.

  3. You are brave! I love your attitude!

  4. Take control of that shit! You go girl!

  5. It's going to be awesome! I've always wondered what that style would be like...

  6. You are going to look hot!! Combo of Demi Moore and Natalie Portman HOT!!

  7. De-lurking here to tell you that I think your attitude rocks!
    And I can't wait to see the new hair cut. Will we get a picture?