Thursday, April 30, 2009

I think cuteness can cure cancer

Well everyone, WE ADOPTED A PUPPY! She is probably the cutest puppy on the planet, luckily we found her! As I was getting my new do yesterday (it's pretty cute by the way) my adorable hair stylist mentioned in passing that she had a ton of puppies at her house. My eyes lit up and I instantly forgot that I was being transformed into new woman. "What kind of puppies?", I asked trying to play it cool. "Well, they are tea-cup terrier and poodle mix. WHAT??? That is exactly the kind we have been searching for! This is fate! As you might have guessed, we went to visit the puppies and fell in love. She is only 6 weeks old, so we will be picking her up next weekend. I am so excited, especially because I was waiting for the time to be right or a sign from above, and I got one! The univerise wanted to me to go to the Hair Cutter on Lincoln Ave!

So, come visit us and our new little girl. We have some names picked out, but we're trying to let them marinate before we leak them to the general public.

I hope you enjoy the pics! Puppy advice is needed... we are virgin puppy owners!


  1. She is so, so cute! How exciting!

    You look beautiful!

  2. I think you and your new puppy look darling and it was meant to be to have her!

    *puppy advice*- piddle pads and no chew spray.

    Good luck and I can't wait to hear her name!

  3. Oh my goodness, too cute for words!!!

  4. Well, I'm biased, but I think you should name her Bling Apron. "Heeere, Bling Apron!" Yup, sounds good.

  5. We can't wait to go for walks to the park and play at the dog beach with our new friend.

    Betty & Lola :)

    PS. We are having a sleep-over at the Chamberlains in June. Maybe she can come over and play with us?

  6. Yay I am so happy for you two!! She is adorable :)

  7. "The universe wanted me to go to the Hair Cutter on Lincoln" ha ha ha ha. Yes, this might be the first time in the history of the world that the universe wanted someone to go to the Hair Cutter. ;) Can't wait for the puppy!

  8. Hey, we bought "The Idiots Guide to Puppies" and "Puppies for Dummies"--and seriously, they are fantastic. I highly recommend you get them. They tell you how to get the puppy on a schedule, and how to paper train them, and all these things that I a.) never knew you should do! and b.) did before (or others have, or others told me to) and shouldn't have. Get them. Get them now!